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Interested in Rowing?

You can compete in sculls (with two oars per person) or sweep boats (one oar per person). All members first learn sculling.

It requires and develops a high level of aerobic fitness, coordination and balance. Rowing is gender equal and you can start at 12 years old.

Being part of a rowing crew means being part of a very tight team. You must work in harmony, to make the boat move quickly and smoothly through the water. You must be able to swim.

The club welcomes new rowers on Sunday mornings at the Boathouse at 9am. The first three sessions are free to ensure you enjoy the sport before joining the club. Dress in comfortable sports wear, runners, cap and sunglasses. Rowers begin learning the technique on an indoor rowing machine before venturing out in a boat with other experienced rowers. Once you are feeling confident you will become part of a crew of two or four rowers or be a single sculler who can compete in events through the summer season. Learning to row takes time and practice to master the skills.

Rowers can join the Shepparton Rowing Club as recreational or competitive member.  The club is a small family based club run by volunteers. Members have access to the Boathouse, a variety of racing and recreational boats, oars, indoor rowing machines and fitness equipment. All equipment is supplied. Competitors pay entry fees to enter races at Regattas.

Membership Categories

  • Active: Being members aged 16 years of age and over who are actively engaged in rowing or coaching for competition.
  • Recreation: Being members who are aged 16 years of age and over and who are actively engaged in rowing for recreation only.
  • Junior: Being members who are aged less than 16 years of age and actively engaged in rowing for either recreation or competition.
  • Associate (Supporter): Being members not actively engaged in rowing or coaching whether for recreation or competition. Supporters who want to help the club.

Membership Fees

Active $280.00
Recreation $220.00
Junior $150.00
Associate $  60.00



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